10 Clues To Elon Musk's Success Story

Elon Musk, founder and chief executive of rocket manufacturing company SpaceX."Elon Musk's Success Story" His name is associated with several other big organizations including Tesla, PayPal. He has been the talk of the town since the successful launch of SpaceX-made rocket Falcon Heavy last February. Read the formula for his success

Elon Musk's Success Story

10 Clues To Elon Musk's Success Story

1. More valuable criticism than gold

Job or business—whatever you do, you must be making some product. People need to react to perfecting your product. Weak people get frustrated with the criticism. And mentally powerful people improve themselves by using criticism. They listen to people's reactions carefully. He tries to understand how true this reaction is. Think where to improve yourself. Elon Musk loves criticism from this belief. He says, "Whatever you do, criticism of a wise man is more valuable to you than gold. Of course, it is the critics who will make your mistake!

2. Don't give up

Listen to a piece of Elon Musk's conversation with a reporter for CBS, a US-based TV channel.

When you failed three times in a row, didn't you think of giving up?
: Why?
I've never given up. Only if death comes or is completely disabled will I give up. "Elon musk success story"

It is clear that Elon Musk is not just about words, but in the days after him. He repeatedly failed to launch the Falcon 1 rocket from SpaceX. But he didn't give up.

3. Development is more important than publicity

Many people are not interested in spending as much money as they spend on promoting institutions, for improving the quality of the product. Musk's statement about Tesla, they never spent as much on advertising as they did for product development. This attitude not only saves time, energy and money but also helps you move forward quickly. Musk says, "Many institutions are confused. They spend money on sectors that do not improve their production. The entrepreneur feels such expenses are of no use at all.

4. May life be thrilling, Elon musk success 

Elon thinks life is too short. It doesn't make sense to do the same thing that you don't like, every morning, despite your reluctance to wake up. Get out, climb mountains, travel around different countries... Enjoy the thrill. You're not a robot. "The idea of settling down on Mars inspires me the most," says Elon. Life is much bigger than solving some problems every day. So wake up and be thrilled with the imagination of the future. ’

5. Work as hard as possible

There is no substitute for hard work. Whether it is mental or physical— you can achieve success only through hard work. Referring to hard work, Elon Musk said, "Someone is working 40 hours a week and you may be working 100 hours. You two may be doing the same thing. Be sure you can achieve what the other person achieves in a year in just four months. But he also feels that discipline and consistency with work is also necessary.

6. Work in the field of love

Elon Musk says love is very important for the work you are doing. If that doesn't happen, it's like you're putting your emphasis on yourself. You may be able to go on like this for a few days. But when there are difficult times, you can't handle it anymore. So, choose the work that you inherently like. Whether it's music, mathematics or spacescience. Not many people can catch a place to love themselves. He suffers from hesitation. Be patient in this regard, notice which work you are spending the most time on. Experiment with yourself. You'll be able to catch the place of choice soon. Elon says, 'If you love the job, you must think about it in addition to the working hours. Your brain is used to this thought. And if you don't like it, it's not possible by force. ’

7. Take risks, Elon musk success 

Taking risks probably suits him best! The turning point in his life has been repeated. He started X.com by selling Zip 2, selling his share of shares in a successful company like PayPal and investing behind SpaceX. "If something needs to be done, you'll do it even if the adverse conditions are more adverse," Says Elon. Yes, the whole thing is nothing but taking risks. But to get something in life, you have to take risks!

8. Homework is important,"Elon musk success story"

Elon Musk has invested money in various sectors. His name is associated with all the famous institutions. But what is the secret of his success? The secret is that he does not take to the field without preparing. When he set foot in the world of space and arontics, many industrialists assumed that he might be spending money on the sector out of hobby. After a few days you will surely fail. Wrong. Elon didn't step up without fixing his goal.

9. Fight desperately

You have Tk. 100, you can buy today's food. But that's why you should sit down? Elon Musk doesn't think so at all. There may be a lot in hand, maybe there's not much hurry to work. But so avoid working slowly and desperately. Fight yourself! Get your best out.

10. Read Most important Elon musk success

Famous people always insist on reading. Elon Musk is no exception. When Ellon was nine years old, he had read the encyclopedia Britannica! At that time, he used to spend an average of 10 hours reading science fiction. Today, people are dreaming of settling down on Mars with the hands of that man. In an interview with Verge magazine, he said, 'I have read all the space books in my small library. ’
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